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The School of International Journalism at Shanghai International Studies University trains and educates students to become accomplished journalistic professionals, and prepares them with foreign language and journalistic skills as well as a global vision to achieve quality journalism practices in media organizations both in China and beyond.

The School has cherished a global teaching and research tradition within the Chinese journalism system that was started in 1983 when the Program of International Journalism was set up as the first multi-disciplinary program at this language university and has since become one of the top-notch international journalism programs in China.

      The School offers two undergraduate degree programs and one MA degree programs.  The undergraduate degree programs include International Journalism and Internet & New Media, which will start enrollment in September 2014.  Its MA program has concentrated on global communication theories, English news writing and editing as well as global public opinion & media.  During the past three decades the School has educated more than 1000 graduates and prided itself on their competence, devotion and reputation showcased in the media community in Shanghai, China and the world.

       The School has an international faculty, specializing in global communication, global public opinion analysis and English-style journalism.  Most of them have obtained Ph.D. degrees with overseas educational experience and have gained prestige across China.

       The School has initiated cooperation with Xinhua News Agency and other global media organizations in China. In particular, the School maintains close ties with China’s English-language media: International Channel Shanghai (ICS), Global Times (English), Shanghai Daily and CCTV News, China Radio International and China Daily. The School has explored a cooperative teaching model with these English media, which invites students into their studios or newsrooms for training sessions of news gathering and production. Meanwhile, students have kept publishing their campus newspaper JC Express during the past 20 years and student reporters have been updating the university’s English website  (    The School is also lining up with US and Australian journalism schools to enhance student exchanges for overseas internship and study and faculty exchange in teaching and joint research projects.

The Center for Global Public Opinion of China (, an independent research branch of the university, coordinates the School’s research activities and academic seminars and conferences on global journalism and communication.


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